Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

make texture just bigger :smiley: i mean edit in photoshop and add more black on borders.

Thats what I was thinking, just was hoping for a more professional method.

make correct UV map. And problem solved.

The last thing before I can make a complete looking render is the tires:frowning:.
Clean up (deleting all the failed attempts at rims and tires as well as the empties that spawned from nowhere, also sorting things onto render layers and naming everything) still has to be done, but that is just time consuming.
I really need help with (please) the tires. Once they’re done I will have my first image in the finished projects section.
Please, any tips, reference and comments about the tires are more than welcome.

A render:

P.S. The calipers were the best modeling experience I’ve ever had:eyebrowlift:.
-Thank you so much:yes:

Looking tight , and thanks for the grill TIP… also the light node is BIG , great job.

what problem do you have most with tires?

hmm… here is a tutorial from BG it’s kinda old, but still works.

I have watched so many tire creation tutorials, you wouldn’t believe it.
Finally Cg cookie came to the rescue, if found a method that almost worked :slight_smile:
I have tires, but they aren’t great.
I added more little things like windshield wipers.
here are some renders:

P.S. The trick to stopping texture from repeating is to add a mapping node and then check min and max.

Not quite sure what you mean. I have a good tire shader and the blender file doesn’t do much in the line of showing how it was made.
Thanks anyway.

Are you going for after market or stock tires? Stock is Prelli’s and they are VERY good. Superleggras use pirelli P-Zero Neros or P-Zero Rossas. Dont go good year whatever you do, its a bad match for the car. Michelin or Pirellis. You could go hankook or Toyo if you are looking at after market, but there are an abundance of free pirelli bumps out there if you google “pirlelli p-zero texture”

New sketchfab preview:

This was a lot of trouble to upload, because of the size (max is 50 MB).


did you edit the rims in this upload? they feel very flat to me, and with no “inner rim” it feels very empty. IDK if you have plans to work on the inner rim, but i would make that suggestion if nothing else.

You impress me with your knowledge of tires, all that I knew was that I needed tires that worked. I never thought so much research went into modeling cars. I think I’ll go with the Pirelli brand. I will now have to make better tires. One question, to make a side wall texture you make a long strip of text and other stuff, then you turn it into a circle. The problem is that all the tutorials are for Photoshop not Gimp, so I can’t do the circle thing.

How can one make a good engine interior because I never seem able to get the proportions right.
On the rims, the normals are reversed therefore most of them couldn’t be seen. I have now fixed it.

I made a slide show!

  • Thanks
  • I’m learning - slowly.

Made some kind of seats:

got to have some fun!: