Lamborghini Gallardo

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Thought I’d share my current WIP with you guys. Its a Lamborghini Gallardo, I’ve been modeling it in my spare time for a couple days now.

Modeled with Blender 2.37/2.40alpha and rendered with Yafray 0.0.8

Ve: - 778 | Ed: - 1474 | Fa: - 696
(Not mirrored)

manaic 4 hire

I’ll probably post a wire tomarrow if I get a chance.

(Cativo) #2

Looks pretty good so far…nothing to crit yet.

(themonkey) #3

Very nice so far…like cativo said nothing to crit yet.

(traitor) #4

oh, very nice! seems pretty tight to me, atm. wires and ref’s?

(DanBoghean) #5

I really like it. Not too much to critique but from what I see it’s great.

I have a question though, can you please tell me the Yafray settings you used? It would greatly help me. Thanks.

(maniac4hire) #6

Thanks for the comments guys.

Heres wires for both wheel and car body. My main refrence image and blueprints.

The wheel’s outer edge is a bit messy as you can see. It’s not causing any trouble though. The ref image is just the main one of the 30-something images that I have.

Dandoghean: Heres the Yafray settings you wanted.
The blue atomshpere was done in post-pro.

Thanks again for the comments

maniac 4 hire

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Hi all,

I got about a half hour of work done on this when I got home from work. Nothing to impressive on the progress side of things (I tend to work really slow when uninspired). The door seam thats in the render was just a practice run and won’t be the same in the final version.

Happy Halloween folks.

maniac 4 hire

(Dwarfose) #8

good start- and great work on the wheels