Lamborghini Gallardo

Hey, I’ve just joined this site, so… welcome to me:D
This is my first serius try, making a car…
It’s a, or supposed to be, a Lamborghini Gallardo… I have been working on it for about a month now, unfortunally, my computer is not strong enough to handle any more polys…

Let me now what you think…:wink:

Hey man, your form is really quite good, but why does it look so “chunky”? If you will post a wireframe we may be able to give some better feedback.

Have you used the “set smooth” tool? If not, you should. That looks like one reason why the edges are so apparent.

I have used Subsurf level 2…
I tried the “set smooth” thing

Looking good and welcome to the forums! Set smooth only works either when all the faces you want to smooth (generally all of them) are selected and then set smooth is hit. or you hit set smooth in object mode, not edit mode. I know it hasn’t worked for you yet because you can still see the faces in the specular shine on the back corner of the car. Very nice so far though. Id love to see it with an ambient occlusion render. They take a while longer, but are well worth it for stills…

Setting on 8-10 (probably using ‘add’) should be sufficient.

the gallardo always makes me think of that Akon song. good work, it looks pretty good. it needs more pimpin’ and the back of it looks weird.

not bad, make sure you’re using AutoSmooth and perhaps try some other ideas with lighting and materials - it helps to find a photograph of a studio or similar beauty shot of a car - then it gives you something to use as a precedent and to aim for with your scene

There are a couple of air intakes on the door which you are missing in your model (type in “gallardo” into an image search on google and I am sure you will see where they are)
You need to do a bit of smoothing on the front bumper (some verticies would appear to be straying from the rest) and also above the wheels. There are a couple of curves that need more definition (either by creasing or by sticking multiple loops on either side) you will see where they are once you have done the image search.