Lamborghini Gallardo

This is my first “real” model, so far previous models have been practice/learning stuff. I think the model itself turned out pretty good, now all I need is some help working on the material, lighting, reflection, and compositing (still learning nodes).
Here are a few pics of the car. You can ignore the background, I was still experimenting with HDRI.

Here’s an experiment with motion blur, I don’t think I got enough grass in the background, so it looks kinda funny. It still took over 2 hours to render this, so I might just scrap that idea altogether and just render in a black scene, like a studio or something.

By the way, there is no interior…This was only intended to be my desktop background, so I wasn’t going for perfection, just an almost-realistic render.

Specific areas I need help on:
>>Headlights / Taillights
>>Car paint material (and yes I have the Sonix car material library, I used that as a base for the material I have now)
>>Reflections. How can I adjust the material/scene to make it look more realistic?


very nice and clean modeling.
The lights look ok as they are, if you want them to be on I’d suggest working with halos.
The paint probably should be shinier -> use “Wardlso” for speck calculation, and maybe turn up the ray mirroring.