Lamborghini Gallardo

Hey everyone,

I finally finished my almost 4 month project (although mostly procrastination) of the Gallardo. It is my first car and probably my last because I never realized how much work it is ;). I am very grateful to all of those who helped me out on the focused critique forum because this project would have ended up not nearly as good without your help :yes:. So without wasting anymore of your time :evilgrin:, here it is the Lamborghini Gallardo. (Sorry for the noise :P)



I guess this can be seen as my 1 year B.A. member/ Blender project :D.

quite awesome :slight_smile:

someday i will get up off my but and do one…

Really good model.
the head/tail lights add so much to the scene,
how did you do them so well?
The noise is only slightly distracting.
well done.

Arrgh i can’t moel cars, i’m so jealous!
real nice job anyway, i really like the bridge it adds a lot!

very awesome model. I tried doing a VW golf once… didn’t turn out so good.

although the car is on the wrong side of the road in the back view… jk:). kudos

it’s worth doing this for almost 4 months. great model and texture.

_LsBlend & camotech: Thanks :)!

Meta-Androcto: Thak you, the tail and head lights are just simple light emitters, and the front light mesh is just cirles and spheres ;).


I really like the bridge it adds a lot!
Yeah, the bridge took a while but I’m happy with it, I only wish that I could have made it go farther to the horizon, but it was taking up waaay to much memory to render :P, and seperate renders would have just taken up more time ;).

Pumba: I didn’t think of that :o, but I’m probably not going back to fix that…

Thanks to everyone again for the replies and let me know if it is too dark and I’ll lighten it up (just saw it on another monitor and it was dark).

very good model. Nice camera perspective !!

I thing i like this. I kept staring at your Lambo for 5minutes.:slight_smile:

I remember the WIP of this! I wish I could model cars. Anyways, I like the tail lights, they make the scene that much better. The front image feels too empty, or like something is missing, maybe it’s just me. Some of the textures on the wall median thing get a bit repetitive if you look further down the road. The noise/grain gets a bit annoying, but not enough to ruin a picture. Great Picture! 4/5

I love it! I like the words on the signs. Very creative.
Oh, and you can just say that the back view is in Europe somewhere. :smiley:

yes it really looks good :slight_smile:

maybe try to lower the car a bit, now it seems to be too high for a sportscar (especially Lamborghini :P)

otherwise nice work :wink:

Wow … nice! 5 Stars of course.

Two questions

  • How did you get the texture of the street?
  • How are the clouds in the sky made?

Best regards,

Nice bit of work. Putting the bridge in was a very good decision.

purdy, maybe i should do a car, someday.

I really like your highway signs!

How did you do the clouds???

Could do with more DOF because the tiling effect on the barrier is noticeable in the distance.

hbarone & cestmir: Thankyou :yes:.

tarkata 14:

The front image feels too empty, or like something is missing, maybe it’s just me.

Maybe a license plate? I was going to add one, but I opted out of it, besides it would have been put in the back :eyebrowlift:. Yeah, the texture is a bit repetitive, but hey, I don’t mind ;)… and the grain I can’t do much about, after 69 hrs. of rendering, it wasn’t getting any clearer any faster ;).

Live Wire: Yeah, the signs are my way of putting in credits :p…

Oh, and you can just say that the back view is in Europe somewhere. :smiley:

Will do ;).

Eidam655: I’ll keep that in mind for the future :yes:, but for now, I have no plans on making major changes, just post pro at most.

sandstorm & neepneep: The sky was post pro, I found a picture of clouds, made them a bit more colorful and higher contrast, then made it an ‘overlay’ layer, and then just used a layermask to paint it over the sky. For the road, it is a texture edited to be tilable, then Indigo worked its magic ;). I might add DoF in a potential postpro update.

rich76: Yeah, I like it a lot better than the original black background I had ;).

trak wrecka: Ha, thanks.

Oho! I missed this one. Love the subtle evening lighting and sense of freedom of the environment. Well done.

it took a few seconds to reolize that it was made in blender…its somewhat real! …really like the materials/texuters =)…

Did you model the environment?
Do it with aao itll look better…less grain.
An indigo render maybe?