Lamborghini Gallardo

Hi! I was working on a Lamborghini Murcielago, but I made it a long time ago, and I think that now I can do better. So far, even though a very small part is complete, it is one of the most realistic models I have ever made. I’m not very good with topology, but so far, this project seems to going pretty smoothly. Here’s a render:

I’ll post an update tomorrow (I live in California).

Well, too early to tell, but it seems like a good start. Please post a wire so that we can get a better look at your topo :slight_smile:

Lamborghini Gallardo 560-4… Surprised you found blueprints for this. As above, and brighten up your render a bit. BTW if you want to save yourself the time I have a grill model that you could use (I designed it for my Gallardo Superleggera but it took so long I’m guessing people might want to skip that part ;)).

I just woke up not too long ago, so I didn’t start on my Lambo yet today, but I saw your grill model. I actually designed a grill like it a long time ago, for my Murcielago, and it only took a few minutes to model. I took it away from my Murcielago because it made my render times skyrocket. Not very good for an animation… The Lambo I’m modeling is actually a 2008 or 2007 Gallardo, but I looked up pics of a Gallardo 2008 front, and a pic of the Gallardo LP5604’s front came up. I didn’t find the original site, but here’s the pic. It’s much higher res than the first one I saw, but it has some color compresssion. I couldn’t help but add the IP5604 front to the original Gallardo, but at least this Lambo will be unique! And at least it looks good, right?

(Wires and renders will come later today)

Mine took the whole morning, duplicating and filling in faces… What technique did you use?

Create a 6 sided circle (hexagon). Then, duplicate it, then duplicate those two.

Then fill in the gaps as shown below.

Duplicate all of those verticies, then fill in the gaps in between.

You should end up with this after you delete uneccesary verticies:

Select all the verticies, then extrude them. It looks best when set solid, and not smoothed.

A render:

Ok, today I didn’t do a very large amount of work, but I did work a little on the sides. I Also made the front grills! Here are the renders:

If you see anything you think should be changed or added or you spot defects or artifacts, then please tell me! Do you think this should be moved to the Focused Critique section? I want this to be a really photorealistic Lambo!

Thats exactly what I did, word for word, and it took me ages!

Yeah, it would take a while if you fill in the space between each hexagon. But if you duplicate everything you already did, then you would only have to fill it in between the two halves (pictures #3 & #4). What do you think about my Lambo’s progress?

Pretty good so far. The indicators look a little out of shape and the renders would benefit from some more light but otherwise it’s pretty accurate and I can’t see any distortions. Keep it up!

Would that grill not have been quicker using an array?

36 Faces * 3 Arrays gives as big of a grill you want and very easy to modify.
Add in a lattice if it needs bending to a specific shape and your done :slight_smile:

Edit: Dont modify the first array, just the other 2 to make it bigger.

Nice car, think I might ditch modeling my focus for something a bit more funky!


Lambo Grill.blend (126 KB)

Thanks for the technique Odeas!

Sorry that it’s been so long since my last update. I’ve been doing other things on the computer for the past week, and I wasn’t Blending as much as I usually do. I’m starting to Blend more often now, like usual. I started on the back, top, and sides, but there’s still a lot of tweaking and editing to do. I’m having a bit of a difficult time trying to get the side grill to look realistic, and I can’t seem to figure out how to add those little ridges above the rear lights. I have one render, but with the ground the rendering time increases by almost 1500%, from 5 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes. I just started my second render a few minutes ago, so in about an hour and a half, I’ll post my second render. Here’s the first one:

The second one is still rendering.

For some strange reason, the Lambo rendered in only 29 minutes. Here it is:

There are still a lot of things to work on…

At a guess, I’d say it’s the honeycomb grille that’s slowing it down. I had a similar problem when I created a small screw type object which was just a large array of a simple shape. My first render with it in the scene increased the time significantly, and I found if it was obscured by other geometry so it couldn’t be seen from the camera, the render times were much faster.

You could prove it by moving the grille to another layer and render the front of the car without it to see how fast it is.

Nice work so far.

The honeycomb does slow it down, but I know that it’s the ground that REALLY slows it down. Without the honeycomb grill, the rendertime is 2 minutes. With the honeycomb grill and without the ground, the rendertime is about 15 minutes, and with the honeycomb and the ground the rendertime varies from ~30 minutes to ~ 1 hour and 30 minutes. So It’s both the ground and the grill. Oh yeah, and ever since I made the grill, it was in a separate layer, like you said. So since I made the grill I have already compared the regular render time to the render time with a grill, to the render time with the grill and the ground. I would use the approximate feature for AO, but there’s a bug or just a natural artifact when you render objects realy close to each other, in which the shadow of the object gets unnaturally dark, and so does the other object:

<–With Approximate AO and grill/ Render time: 44 sec

<–With Approximate AO and no grill/ Render time: 14 sec

As you can see, there are unusually dark areas, so that’s why I have to use regular AO.

I didn’t finish typing the post! I accidenally pressed enter. I’ll fix it in a little.

Edit: It’s fixed : )

What lighting setup are you using for your clay renders - looks like one overhead light? I got my setup courtesy of kroni from this post (I didn’t bother with the nodes stuff, just the lighting and materials) and I’m using AAO and I haven’t seen such an intense dark patch as you’ve gotten under the front of the car, because it uses a number of lights above and below the object. You can see what my renders look like in my signature WIP link.

I just rendered my Antonov both ways with AAO taking 1:12, versus 1:50 for raytrace, so it might help you get a faster result. Admittedly, it’s not as good as the raytrace method, but it might work for you.

I’m not using an overhead light. I just use AO:

This was the AO setting for the render with dark patches, using the new “Approximate” feature in Blender 2.46. It dramatically speeds up render time, but at the cost of extra dark patches if you don’t have the right type of scene.

Here is what I use for the real renders. It looks almost like GI (global illumination), but it makes rendertimes slow down to around an hour.

So my lighting setup is just ambient occlusion. If I used only Yafray GI, it would look similar (if there weren’t any artifacts). And the ground plane’s color is 1,1,1, and no specularity. The Lambo’s material is 0.5, 0.5, 0.5, also with no specularity. The grill’s material is the same as the Lambo’s.

Wowsers! Dude this sure is a superb piece of modelling at first glance. I must check this thread more often. How long do the frames take to render with and with the grills ?