Lamborghini Gallardo

I know theres about 50 other threads here where other people have modeled this car, but i love it, and want to model it myself, it’s quite an easy car, so i think the metal body won’t take too long to model, so i won’t lose intrest too quickly, i want to see how long I try to model this for, hopefully very far.
started with the rim, probably the most complicated part:

New updates soon.

Why not extrude the rim to be the whole deal? I see no point in leaving it like that and add a cylinder as the actual inside rim. Other than that, it’s a very neat design for this car :3

wow, thanks I’ll do that, lightning fast reply thanks!

good start but this should rather be in the WIP (work in progress) in the focused crit section only when you are almost done with it.

in the list of different forums, is says something about critique on serious works, but nothing about being nearly finished.

Made most of the front part bonnet, hood, fenders.

hi tomrebel2

nice start…
to now I don’t have no sugestion to you.
keep going

one more think.
I’m a recent user here in BlenderArtists. One of my reasons to register here was you project: Nissan 350z. I’m doing the same car, and when I find your thread I asked to a Portuguese artist who is registed here, to reply on nissan 350z thread about me… but you never reply…
I’m going now start to post my nissan 350z project here in BA.

keep going.

I disagree. The Focused Critique Forum is for projects that are serious as opposed to quick fun things done in spare time. It’s also the forum for projects that need major perfectionist-style critique, aiming for a near professional result. It’s still a WIP forum, in that respect.

On the model, it’s a good start but looks to need some major changes later. For the moment I can’t point out what needs to be changed, but once you’ve got the front done I’ll be able to help. What I can see is the gaps between panels are missing and some of the edges are too smooth, and need a few edgeloops to sharpen them up.

Looking forward to updates.

nitronic755:i make the body and then add the gaps just so they’re perfectly lined up, what edges need to be sharpened?

josearaujo:i have commented on your nissan thread which, is very good.

I’ve now done the whole front now, and everyone, if there is a way to change forums, please tell me!

to make that much in one day is fishy. incidentaly, this is the most common model for download on the net.:confused:

When you find the EXACT model he’s copying, I’ll believe you. Until then keep your accusations to yourself.

You’ve fixed most of the errors I was looking at in your last update… but this is focused critique so I’ll be picky.

  1. There’s a serious mismatch here that needs fixing.
  2. This indent needs to be more prominent, it fades away a bit near the top.
  3. This corner of the light should be less curved and come more to a point.
  4. I can see right through here.
  5. There is a tiny crease here that shouldn’t be.

Hope that helps.

ok, ok, sorry i accused you. should you have modeled all of this in this short time, you are one mighty fighty fast modeler.

this did take me quite long, just the rim took me a whole hour, but then again it is a very complex peice

thanks i will patch them up right away, but the first one: i think this is right according to this picture:

Nitronic755: I’ve fixed all the errors you pointed out.

noones commented on the brakes:( i thought they were pretty good, anyway, started the intake on the door:

you can’t really see the brakes too well in the renders that you have right now. if you focused on them a bit closer you might get some more oos and aahs

radialronnie:+everyone, here is a render focused on te rims. there better be a lot of oohs and aahs.

crease in the hood:

contours of the front:

nice start on this car and some nice brakes,
I like especially like the outside of the rim, but as stated earlier extrude it backwards.

don’t give it up now you’ve gotten so far


This is a different version of the Gallardo to the one you’re doing - this one was a pure racer, hence the big grills near the front to cool the brakes and also the big wing on the back. These features plus the gaps you noticed aren’t on the stock Gallardo. Be careful that your references are of the right Gallardo - I’m modelling the Superleggera version which means I have all sorts of problems finding relevant references.

See what I mean? By the way, if you want it all the references I’ve saved for my Gallardo are uploaded in a zip at