Lamborghini Gallardo

Hey everyone!

I’m new to blender, but I have been working over some time to try and get some of the basics down.

I am starting to get the hang of things and I was just wondering if anyone would help critique my first piece.
So far I believe it has been 34 hours on it.

Edit: I switched out the cruddy wheels I made because they weren’t rotating correctly… so Credit to Andrew Price for his BMW Wheels.

Everything else I made.

I have no idea how to use compositing/materials.
I used the sculpt tool that helped, but I still have tons of bad areas on the car.


If you aim for rendering, I’d suggest adding more detail/polygons. Cause some edges are definately way to visible, for example, around the wheels.

Hello there!

You could add a subsurf modifier (max. lvl 2) and “set smooth”. After that your modell won’t look as you wish because it surely will be way round to much. To fix that you cann use the loop cut tool at the corners that are too much round! Simply move the loop cut as close that you can and you have a nice edge.

For nice renderings try out yafray! I think you get good results with that in a short time. For a nice tutorial about car modelling go to and search for porsche!

Thank you guys for the feedback, ill get to work on trying to smooth out the edges.

The corners that I see are not rounded enough are the front bumper, wheel areas, and the edge near the headlights. anywhere else?

I posted a picture of the two side by side, It seems like it did a really good job rounding in the front bumper and around the back a bit, the door ill probably take the handle out, and the scoop ridges are messy.

last edit: fixed the rounded corners, but not i have streaks down the hood?


We need to see the mesh/wire frame, and your subsurf still looks kinda funky. Is that level 2?
Will critique after I’ve seen the wires.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Here’s the wire frame, I know its terrible haha, lots of triangles in areas.

edit: here is a bigger picture
and with subsurf modifier, i use it on 2 views and 2 renders


Wow, that many vertices to deal with. When you’re modeling, always use as few faces as possible. Also, I think you should rework the scoop completely. It’s way to messy as it is right now :frowning:

You do have a lot of vertices, if you begin the model with the intent of low edit vertice you will have a far easier time making changes. You may want to consider going through and reducing the vertice count or even restarting the project. I can guarantee that if you start again though, the process will be far faster the second time and you will receive a result that is better than your first attempt as you already know all the modeling difficulties that the project will have.

Next, what did you use for reference? If you used a side, top, front, schematic you can use that and just UV map the car to get your texture but again that will be significantly harder with the amount of editable vertices that are on your car. The idea behind UV mapping is relatively simple and gives quite nice results. While you could go the procedural texture route, it all depends on the details you want on your car and your knowledge of real world color, light physics, and shading.

Another recommendation I would give is to make sure that every part of the car has depth. You should never actually see the physical edge of an object as it will look sharp, 2-D and very CGI. A very simple fix is to take the edge and extrude it behind so that the edge now appears to have depth. Even metal has some thickness to it, nothing is a completely flat plane. This can be seen very heavily in this image. I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you both for your feedback. I understood that I have an insane amount of vertices, I just could not get the shape of the car that I wanted with few lines, is there a trick to that?

also I probably will start over, using the same reference shots.
If there are any other tips to modelling with fewer vertices and smoothing it so it comes out how it should. is that just position of the vertices and set smooth

Thank you all! you guys are a big help :smiley:

With subsurf, you only need vertices to define the main lines (sharp edges) of the car, and a few lines in between if the surface is large. Subsurf (level 3) should smooth it out for you. For sharper edges use loop cuts (Ctrl+R).

Search for some other car threads before starting over, and observe the mesh.
You can have a look at the Ferrari 599 GTB by tdietz87.

Yes subsurf (lvl 2 or really maximum!! lvl 3) should do it for you like I sad before. And set it smooth. To sharp edges use the loop cut.

Also alway try to avoid triangles! They will destroy the smoothnes and you really would have to spend a lot of time replacing these with quads… That was my problem too when I did my first car model! Horror!! :smiley:

Like the others said you also have to add real thickness, because you will always see thats it’s just flat! And of course when you use yafaray for rendering you have to use real thickness. If you don’t there could be light leaks at the corners (if you look from the inside)

When you start over again - like the others said too - use the minimal count of vertices. If you need more detail at some parts, you can add more vertices in that areas later!

Keep up the work and don’t let it bring you down! :smiley:

edit: for the thickness you can use the solidify selection script, as I know you can find it in “mesh -> scripts -> solifify selection script” This is way easier than to select the whole model and extruding it in, you have more control of the parameters!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: It’s really helpful of you guys to critique my first work. I do plan to start over, but maybe on a different model car. My focus this time will be to understand using only quads and if I run into triangles, to use a little problem solving to fix them :smiley:

Since Finals are almost over, I should be able to start once I arrive home today once I find a car of course :wink:

If I were to be honest, I would strongly recommend attempting the same vehicle. As previously stated it actually will seem to fly by, since you are already aware of trickier spots. This time around you will be much more prepared. I actually modeled my last project 3 times. This first time I spent months on it, finding each and every error (atleast trying to), my second model took less than a week to finish, and my third only a few days.

Now I’m not saying spend 3 months on a model. I have alot of extra activites keeping me busy (I’m a dad and student) All I’m trying to say is, if your starting out, why make things harder on yourself with a new model you’ve havent tried before. Cars are huge projects that in the end consist of (in my experience) over 100 different objects depending on the level of detail you wish to achieve.

I think you will be suprised how much easier the second time around is. :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: I will definitely attempt the Lamborghini Gallardo again then!