Lamborghini Huracan [Finished]


(usernew) #21


Re-did the whole headlight with better and smoother curve. Separate mesh this time. Needs some adjustments now to fit it.

(usernew) #22

Working on some basic interior. Might not do a complete interior, or maybe I will if I get time.

(usernew) #23

Emblem is done.

(MAC2001) #24

How’s the progress?

I just wanted to suggest that you should try making the whole body of the vehicle without separating the parts and including detail. After that, you can duplicate the model, place it in a new layer and then separate the parts. Then you can use a shrink wrap modifier before you add anymore detail so that the smooth reflections on your car will remain.

(usernew) #25

I think the outer body is done. Reflections aren’t great, bu they seem fine.

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Progress is slow cause of chilblains.

Yeah, I discovered the shrinkwrap method a lot later. Will do that style on my next car. Completed the outer body. I am using small parts for shrinkwrap.

(Giom) #27

Good progress! Lovely detail and attention to it.

(MAC2001) #28

Impressive. What is your metallic paint setup like? Does it include a diffuse shader or not?

(usernew) #29


Metallic paint is Principled shader with glossy.

(usernew) #30

Thanks, Giom.

(usernew) #31

Seat done. Materials not final. It’s just gonna be a dummy seat.

And a dummy engine.

(usernew) #32

Dummy Interior almost done. This is not going to be a full blown interior. Just enough to make like the car not feel empty.

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Door almost done.

(usernew) #34

Door is done. Now just need to make a hole in the handle for the controls. It’s not perfect, but it’s fine for a dummy interior. And it’s probably too much for a dummy interior.

(usernew) #35

Steering done. Just need to add icons and all.

(Peter18) #36

Amazing work! Looks real clean! :smiley:

(usernew) #37

Thank you :slight_smile:

Completed the Wipers

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Testing HDRIs

(usernew) #39

Another HDRI with some model improvements.

The car looks too close to the camera. :slight_smile:

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