Lamborghini Huracan

Please critique, guys. Something is off and I cannot figure it out. The project is not 100% done, yet.

I know flying poops about lambos, but I think your main thing is that your car render is not well integrated, you might want to look at actual lambo renders/photos to see what they use to make it a shocker, like light angles, type of lighs they use, their reflector placements etc.

Maybe someone on youtube has some good tips for you. Photography still applies to cg renders.

you might want to adjust your ground plane to match the road surface a little better. The reflections on the car show a very white ground plane. Matching the asphalt with tire marks on it would help to sell the scene a little better.

Also, a high noon render on an abandoned stretch of road isn’t the best lighting to show off a car.

This hdri:
has some interesting architecture to reflect

This one:
Has a lower sun angle and is placed at an interesting bend in the road

And this one:
Has nice street lights to catch the highlights a little better.

Totally forgot that stuff about the plane. I thought shadow catcher was supposed to only catch shadows. :frowning:

I have tried the red hill curve. I am using the different red hill curve HDRI and I think this looks a bit better.

Thanks for the critique.

I have tried to integrate the car more. Gotta test some more HDRIs.

Black Huracan does look better. How do I make directional blur to the backplate? I might just make it a still shot.

Yes. No driver :slight_smile:


Or this:

I think if you are applying a motion blur the whole scene would be blurred rather than just the close objects

also the direction of motion blur is usually in the direction the vehicle/camera is moving so might want to adjust the angle.

I think the main wired thing is that the camera in the first picture is traveling fast downwards too, as indicated by the motion blur

Corrected the blur. I am confused cause I see some shots where the far background is clear and some renders where the far scene is blurred. Because for a moving object, very distant objects move at a very slow pace compared to close objects. Maybe that’s a reason? I am not sure :slight_smile:

Corrected the motion blur.

Nice - I think it looks better. I would also reduce the roughness of the car paint

I think that if you follow the car with camera standing still, everything else should be blurred. Now the last image, where distant horizon is not blurred, suggests that you are moving along with the car at the same speed. Considering that the viewpoint is in the bushes, it would require quite an amazing off-road vehicle :wink:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Or a drone :stuck_out_tongue:

looks awesome

Oh, yes. I’m a bit too old for drones, so that’s why I didn’t think of that. My bad :slight_smile:

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