lamborghini led headlight

Hi all,
I’ m experiencing few problems with the following led lights of the lamborghini gallardo LP-560J

I mean, one of the 13 led lights placed into the headlight.
Each led seems to be composed by glass, grid and internal led(s). In addition all led are placed like a step of a ladder, so that each led light is reflected by the upper side of the below led.
I would like to have a mesh without texture, just to improve my skills but up to know I’ m not able to reach a succesfull render.
Referring to only one led light, the first issue is to understand how it could be composed taking a look at the reflection.
There are many separated little reflection that let me think there are as many mini led lights as the holes of the grid.
I tried to used a spot light to obtain the effect as in the picture but the problem is also to understand the interaction between light source and the external glass and the grid, that one is not clear if is made by glass or like a mirror.
For some one will be very patient to help me I will show my current result:

sorry in advance for support and sorry for my bad english.

It seems that the refernce image was not visible…I m posting it again, see below:

Your attachment isn’t working.

wait few time, I m new on this forum and every thread I will post, will be first approved by administrator…

You need to post your blend file - it’s difficult to suggest what could be wrong based on just the image you have posted.

Ok, I will post my example…but if you some ideas please tell me.
For example, up to now, i figure out to have one mesh for the part including grid, glass and an object emitter; while the reflection will be managed by spot lamps put out of the previous mesh (glass, grid and object emitter).
It s like the grid and glass will not produce any reflection on the surface that is the roof of the below led.
Than I have to understand which is the correct material for glass and grid and the mesh of the object emitter

That’ s my last revision:
two circle emitter, both put inside a cube with material mixed glass and translucent.
Around the “cube” there is a grid, with material mixed glass and glossy.
On another layer I put some spot light, just to manage the reflection of the led over the surface.
all render layer shown with denoising
In my picture you can see the composite render on the upper side, on bottom left a top view having hidden the upper side of meshes, on bottom right a lateral view having hidden the left side of meshes as well.
Any suggestion, about mesh, material, layer and/or so on?