Lamborghini lp640/4-2

Luxrender 1.1

Most Recent Render (Date:5/5/13)

added decal, fixed some topo, almost done with head lamps, added carbon fibre, changed carbon fibre brightness to be controlled by spec value, ALMOST DONE :smiley:

I’m going to be blunt; the head lights are rubbish. Totally unrealistic.

Make them the same standard as the rest of the car.

kk, im sry i dont understand what you mean by "standard with the rest of the car… the modeling is coming allong. please realize i havent modelled lights yet, im only adding glare to see what it WILL look like. if you can refine your statement of whats wrong with it as it stands than i will work on it when i model the head lights fully.

Glare is glare; you can’t test its look until you’ve modelled something.

Standard - I mean make what you do for the headlights as good as the rest of the model.

ah, ic… yes, i havent finished. i plan to have several renders, some with lights on, some with them off. it will be modeled, i promise… i added lights just to play around with the concept. it wasnt meant to be fianl. its like rendering subsurf at 1, not 3, just to get an idea of how it looks. I had a preaty unrealistic idea of what i wanted my glare to look like. my clare was slightly more like andrew prices, but it doesnt hide as much of the car that way. i will work on it.

wll, i have added metallic paint (gun metal black) and its looking prety good

rendered out to 2.2 kS/P. not finished render quality, but i dont rly need it to be. Still trying to get the paint not to seem quite so matte and still have flakes

im currently adding rear side pannels… back of car is starting to look a little better

i have resorted to rendering the glass in architectural for test renders to save time. have mostly completed rear side panels and am mostly done with the doors. dont plan on working an interior, but i have made rough models to cast silhouettes in the glass.

once i reach a couple hundred SP i will post render.

updated!!! whoop whoop. almost there!

Looking at the original you are using as a reference - personally I think they did a poor job of the glare. Look at what other’s do with it, then create your own; I’m sure with some work you can get a better result.

im unsure what you mean by the reference i am using… i am doing this all from scratch… i had to look at a lot of images to get the result i did. the glare is not particularly easy to do… and creating somthing that is “realistic” and somthing that is appealing are 2 completely different things. people, whether they admit it or not, naturally want more contrast. im not saying i have the best glare out there, but its certainly not as bad as the white blob i started with.

id like to see this reference you speak of, because i have only posted my own work on this thread.

and again, please keep in mind that this is still a WIP, im not posting finished work here, so the headlamps, and rear end, and even part of the interior have not even been touched yet.

heres real headlamp glare…

kinda hard to see anything isnt it…

finding a healthy medium is more difficult than it seems

ok, so i took another wack at the headlight glare, anyone who says these are bad needs to refer to the image above to refres their understanding of what real glare looks like and why im trying not to make it identical.

I didn’t talk about real glare; I talked about what others have done:

Look at what other’s do with it

If you don’t want people to post negative stuff, perhaps you should not bother posting at all.

my problem isnt genitive comments, the problem is that your not listing your sources. yous say my reference image, WHAT IMAGE? you say it doesnt look real, now your saying i need to do what others do. i dont mind the criticism, its helpful, but this is not constructive. all im asking is that if you are going to make these statements and expect me to understand, please post locations where i can see pictures. Im particularly curious to see this reference image your speak of, especially since except for the blue prints, im using nothing as inspiration.

been a whil since i posted anything significant… updated lighting, looks a thousand times better IMHO. will upload photo in a sec.
I know the lighting on the back of the lambo is a bit un even, i am activly working on it, but this is just an update of where i am currently at.

so im trying out the paint job in white. i got a very good submission on a thread i started on the lux forum, and someone provided me with a very good silver carpaint with flakes. with a little tweaking, it is now a holo white color. if the person who made the paint texture sees this, ty. the render is coming allong nicely and i will post when it is a tad bit hhigher than the current 2 SP