Lamborghini Miura

Hello all, I’ve been working in blender for about 8 months and I thought I would try my first car. Man is it ever difficult! I’m having allot of problems with topology on this one. Some of the curves don’t feel quite right to me yet. So any tips would be much appreciated. Also I am still learning to deal with making quads of everything and so fourth so you will probably see quite a few triangles and ngons. Thanks for any feedback.

Here are a few more renders. Still in progress. I may take a break and work on a few other things for a while.

Hi Scubasteve1974… I`m new to Blender, only been using it for about a month or so, so still living in “Noobville”. I really like your Lambo.

It looks really well done. I await the day that I`m knowledgeable enough to try something like this myself…

Nice job. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I just realised this is “Focused Critique” so my post might not be really what you were looking for.

Still like the Lambo though…

Try a cycles render, it is exactly what you need for this car

No worries tjc69, kind words are always appreciated! This is my first attempt at a car and so far I’ve learned a ton. Just keep plugging away and if you get discouraged take a break and work on another project. That seems to help me a bunch anyways.

AaronAnnuscheit, this is rendered with cycles, do you mean with a solid material or something? Please explain what you mean if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your comments!

If this is your first car and only been using Blender for 8 months then very well done, this is excellent. The changes you made to the wheel arches really did the trick!

Well to be completely honest the material isn’t that great for a Lamborghini because it doesn’t look metallic enough but have no fear because my first Cycles material sucked as well but then I found a YouTube video that explained how to make a metallic material.

Thanks I’ll check that out. I knew the material wasn’t great, this was more of a place holder material. Still learning nodes. That way more complicated then I figured it would be! I always figured modeling would be the hard part.

It’s the reflections as well you might need a better lighting setup and to make the roughness off your glossy shader to something like 0.05