Lamborghini Murcielago

Most of the model is finished. I need to add some wheels and work on the rear wheel well a bit. Also I need to smooth out some edges. Then I need to add some more realistic materials. More pictures in next post…

Here are some wireframes of the car.

The topology isn’t all that good because I made the car in pieces but I thought it was a little better than my first attempt at a car (pictured below). I think I’m going to re-do it (the lamborghini) from scratch and those links and your paint overs are going to help me a lot since I’m still pretty new to Blender. Thank you for taking the time to help me.

I thought it was a little better than my first attempt at a car

Yeah, you have definitely improved with the Lamborghini.

I think I’m going to re-do … the lamborghini

Cool, post your progress here, and we’ll see how we can improve your topology along the way.

As i said before, it looks like you got the shape right, but just in case here is a tutorial I made on how to properly set up your references:

I finally decided to redo this model. I started all over again with different blueprints. I think I’ve improved my topology a lot. Mostly from working on some other cars which I haven’t posted here. The only triangle in this model is the front turn signal.

Here’s a render:

and here’s some topology:

Here’s one more picture

That’s looking a lot cleaner. Nice work.

Looking good. I would say work is needed on the rear lights.

Thank you for the comments. There are no rear lights at the moment though.