Lamborghini Muria

My First Car Model

if you have any suggestion how to make my model better, feel free to post :slight_smile:

hope you like it :slight_smile:

I like the mesh. What about real inlets? Is there a rear diffuser?

Diffuser? They hadn’t even thought of diffusers in those days. :smiley:

The Miura is an old school 1960’s street car. Incidentally the thread title is incorrect. The name is Miura, not Muria. I’m old enough to remember when these things were new.

I’m no expert modeller, but is this meant to be low-poly? For low-poly I’d say it’s pretty good.

Shouldn’t that be a Lamborghini Miura?

Cheers, Clock.

PS nice start on the model tho.

not bad but i think your mesh could be a bit more dense do get the shape more defined :slight_smile:

Awesome! Maybe you could render it on high samples so it looks less grainy?