Lamborghini Reventon

the Lamborghini Reventon, made in a day or 2 with the help of a black and white, ‘blueprint’…



ok, for starters, its good.
i do however have a few quarms with it. It seems to me that two days is a bit of a short length of time to make an entire car model… i would have though at least 2 weeks… if not alot more. From the shots you have given, it seems a bit blurry, and so detail is a bit left out. also seems to me like parts are a bit low poly…( which is fine if its anything but a show model really…)
my last question is: are you new to this? or just this forum?

well, first of all, i thought it would take a lot longer as well
the blueprint just made things a lot easier i guess, and a lot of details are still missing so…
as for the blurryness, maybe these are better
and ive been ‘blendering’ for a year i think… somewhat like that