Lamborghini Reventon

i was looking for cars to model and found a reventon

i’d never heard of it before, and i like it so i started modeling it.

Another Reventon… People why dont you design cars of your own design? Its muchos more fun.

not to sound cheesy, but i because i don’t have your skill

did a LOT more on the front

(Just ignore Eradicor… :wink:
Looking great, keep it up.

Yeah… looks good. I didnt mean it doesnt look good. I am just puzzled by the fact that people model pre-designed cars…

I like both.

did a little more last night:

Sweet, no comment, keep going.

eradicor, they do that because it helps them learn. At least i keep learning with each car that i model. Not long ago, i could not even sketch a car, let alone model it in three dimensions. now at least i can (sketch, not model).

Nice going on the lambo.

funny, i find it much easier to model something on blender than it is to draw it on paper.

looking forward to seeing this car.

same, i can’t draw to save my life, yet i think i can make rather good cars

did a bit more…

We would need to be you or Cinder1 to make a full car from sketch :wink: for us simply mortals is better stick to a car we already know that all pieces will fit in the end hehe.
Besides some of us don’t want to be car designers, just happen to be modeling a car :stuck_out_tongue:

It is looking good :yes: I would say that this is my favourite lambo.

anyone who disputes that the Murcielago is not the greatest lambo needs to leave.

I am not sure are you just being sarcastic or should i be honored, when taking into account that Opel-GT of yours… :D…

This is looking really good! From the picture, it looks like that middle point between the headlights needs to come out a bit more, to make it more pronounced.

As far as modeling a pre-designed car, I do draw a whole lot, and a lot can be gained from ‘copying’ works done by professionals.

:slight_smile: I was and I am serius. I don’t think I’m able to design and make a car from nothing like you guys… yet hehe

well, if you want to know what it shouldnt look like, i can help you
anyway, good look and great work so far