Lamborghini Reventon

Finally i did it :slight_smile:
I took me a… long time to made :slight_smile: ,but i’m think the resoults are not so bad…

What do you think ? :smiley:
My internet won’t work yesterday so i can’t upload a imageshack version ,but now for apologyse i will upload a version with reflection car paint (oryginaly reventon have matte paint) and with smaller blur :wink:

I can’t access it, the page just hangs because it’s in Poland :slight_smile:
Can you put it on imageshack also? I like what I see in the clip art.

I think you shoud post another angle of the car. So we can see the quality :slight_smile:

Well, it’s a nice front bumper, but how about letting us see the rest of the car?

Very nice, +1 for the rest of the car