Lamborghini Reventon

Medium-poly Lamborghini Reventon
Blender, Photoshop CS6
A 3D rendering of my favorite car, the Lamborghini Reventon.
Modelling, materials, lighting and post-processing were done by me.

Lamborghini Reventon wireframe

Lamborghini Reventon - Back (shaded)

not bad but i think there are some very sharp edges around the front fender part :slight_smile:

Hey there! Thanks for pointing that out.

Yes, there are some sharp edges. I did not use subdivision surface but the edge split modifier with smooth shading. I was not getting the correct sharpness on that part; so I just marked those edges as sharp. I did not want to add more edge loops to that part. That’s why, there are sharp edges in that area. I should have just added more edge loops rather than marking the edges as sharp.

Thanks again.