Lamborghini style car.

Hello every one.

I thought i would just start a thread on the progress of my new and first car ever! Im a newbie and have been using blender for 1 month so just some help and comments would be helpful to me.Well i guess,enjoy!:smiley:

Hello i ran into a problem already.I am having problems on the door and the windshields ,side windows,i just cant get it equal and right:confused: .I would be happy to share the blend file to anyone who can help and post it back.And i cant post the picture up because i dont know how to.:o Please would somebody help.

If you could, it would be interesting to see pictures of your progress…


Go here:
Click “browse”
Find your image
Click “host it”
Scroll down till you see “Direct link”, then copy it
Post a new post, and put ![ then paste your image, then put ]( then paste your image, then put )

thank u lonnietoon for showing me how to host an image.they will be up soon!:smiley:

yeah sorry for not showing you how… I think I missed your last post… oops… :(… now you can also host images on:


or a new one I saw…



thank you to power can i post screen shots of my work?

here are the screen shots of my work.

Can somebody please help me.Have i posted in the wrong forum?

It looks good… I don’t know what you should do next… I have not modeled a car before…

Also I think you do have this in the right forum… because: work in progress… is what you are doing…

No you’ve posted in the right forum.

It looks very good. Is it your first car?

Couple of notices. You need to turn down the merge limit. At the moment you might run into problems because of that.

Also around the wheel arc the mesh seems very tangled and complex, first thing is to add a loop in there and make the curves flow more smoothly around the model, second you need to get rid of as many triangles as possible - they cause problems when applying subsurfs and often make it look ugly.

Some other minor details are the windscreen needs to curl around the car more and maybe make the back of the car more sticky-outy. I’m assuming this is a concept lambo

Power3d:thank you for your help till now im glad i posted in the right forum:D .
Aquaticpenguin:yes this is my first car ever.i know that those are the main problems and i am struggling with them,and i just cant get it right.What should the merge limit be?Should i post up the .blend file so anyone who can help me can do so and send it back?

Yeah you can post the blend… I don’t know how much help I will be at modeling it, but others should be able to help with it…


good work dude! And this is your first car, imagine the next ones.
You can take better screen shots in some expectific angles, like frontal view and side view (U can use hotkeys: NUMPAD1, NUMPAD3 and NUMPAD7 to change the view). Then we can see more precisely what is wrong. OK
So, keep going

Ok,more screenshots will be up.I fixed the window and doors but they still arent nice and smooth:confused:.If anyone can help me i will post the blend file.

Well for merge limit just turn it down to what you need it at for all the vertices the be connected. Not sure it makes a lot of difference but your mesh may overlap

oh ok,i think i will do that.i now took of the mirror modifier because it was confusing me abit.So now i am modelling half of the car so i can later duplicate and join.What do u guys think?

p.s. i still cant get the door and windows nice and not bumpy:confused: :mad: .

here are the screenshots!


Can anybody help?

well if your wanting people to really help in modeling it… you probably need to upload the blend file for people to edit…