Lamborghini Yakuza


I’ve been making this little animation in my spare time, inspired by the infamous Morohoshi-san (I highly recommend this little video: Underground Hero ).

You can see a higher resolution here:

Done in Blender, rendered with Cycles (1920*817 x 29 frames - 8000 samples - 1h45min per frame on a Geforce Titan, because of the volumetrics). Grading done in DaVinci Resolve.

I couldn’t manage to get good results with the denoiser because of artifacts around high contrasts areas. I was planning to denoise in Lightroom and add back some analogic grain, but it didn’t look any better than keeping the sampling noise from the render. The gif compression covers the noise anyway!

Hope you’ll like it!


I really love it. It reminds me a lot of Blade Runner in terms of style.
Although it is worth mentioning that I didn’t find it photorealistic. It seems cartoony, maybe because of the lighting or something. Did you ensure that every proportion was accurate to reality?
8000 samples 9_9 are you sure you needed that many? XD

Thanks for your comment!
There is no attempt at being photorealistic, to be honest ^^
Unfortunately the volumetrics needed a LOT of samples. I did a few quick tests to find the best quality / render time ratio. I could have used some well known tricks like using Blender render to render the volumetrics, but my time is more valuable than my machine time :slight_smile:

So beautiful :smiley:
I wrote that comment after seeing it on a small screen so I couldn’t tell if it was meant to be photorealism.
Great work mate.

Cursed Volumetrics… always a pain