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It’s too cold… uumhhhgggfff… blaaarhrr, I’m so bored… blahr. Why does it have to be over -20C freezing, tomorrow even colder… (??)… you can’t do anything but stay inside, unless you want a nature recipe of botox for your face by frostbite… Blahr… This thread is kinda… uhmm… vain… blaarh, rotting indoors… maybe I’ll turn into a carrot if I’m lucky… or something… agllrblrlrlrlrlbbbbleeoorrgh…
:expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: =

It could be worse …

Don’t mention it. It will be.
If you launched a heat-seeking missile into Finland now, it’d come back having found nothing, boomeranging back to its sender.
[!] _ [!] :expressionless:

It is the opposite end of the spectrum. Where I live it is the middle of winter and we haven’t had a single flake of snow yet. It has stayed in the 40-60 the past two winters!! I’m so bored . . . I want snow!

Longing to have a snow day for school.

Same here. In the Bible Belt of America.

You could always rent out “Day After Tomorrow” for some nice movie action.

Only -20?

Pfft- come to Sunny Alberta. :expressionless:

I feel for you, however.

Same here. In the Bible Belt of America.[/quote]

Yep . . . I know . . . guess where I am . . . :slight_smile:

Hey Falgor, I guess you don’t have a girlfriend.

Nothing wrong with cold weather, so you can stay in bed with your lady with a hot coco, nice and cozy.

Hmmmm… coco.

Your thinking of coco when you have your girlfriend in your bed ?


Its pretty warm here!!!

-20c is a nice temperature.

highs of -20c are nice around here.

its round -25c right now…

this brings to light another stupid question

would you rather freeze to death or burn to death

bah in the next month we’ll be having some -30 -35 over here…if it’s like the other years…although we had some “hotter” weather in the last weeks…

Quebec is worst then finland I guess…

Put on a coat.

Or find an indoor hobby.

It sucks anyway. Too cold isn’t nice. If I had a girlfriend, I don’t think I’d do the hot chocolate with her, Sago. Not till I’m chained to her with a wedding ring.
And Ecks, this is souther Finland, it’s even colder in the north now. Blahr.
It’s not -30 (about -29 afaik) but still not cool, but cold.

Very admirable of you, though it wouldn’t be my choice (for me the coco isn’t gonna taste any better if I’d wait for the wedding bells).

But I guess in the mean time we both have to drink our hot coco alone. %|

its funny how many canadians (myself included) just come here and say ‘you think its cold there?’

one time we were out snowmobiling, it was -50c and the tracks on the sleds wouldnt turn because they were frozen stiff. THATS cold.

man where are you in canda? up north? yukon? In Quebec the colder whe get is around -40

Wow. It’s been pretty warm here in New Jersey. I mean yesterday it was 57 F (14 C). All week its been in the 40s and 50s. It’s pretty nice cause all the snow melted away. :smiley:

I hate snow. It’s such a pain. Of course I’m saying this and we are supposed to get a couple inches for tomorrow…