lamp and transparent material

i’v put a lamp behind a transparent lens

but i don’t see the ligth going through the lens
is there something to do so that we can see it through ?


Hi Ricky,

Turn on Ray tracing in the Scene buttons; activate Ray Trans for your material; lower the alpha value some; turn up your lamp to something like 2.0. Turn up the IOR value and Fresnel value too (both under Ray Trans settings in the Mirror Transp panel).

You might even put some Emit on there (shaders panel).

but still i cannot see thru the lens
i’ll keep expementing with it \i had one like that in another file and it’s owrking fine
don’t know why this one is not
did cjeck the two to see any difference and not much so there has to be something else


If you post a blend I’ll take a look.

Something like this?:

If so, you need your blue globe to be transparent and to have a Halo effect, a sphere to represent the light bulb, also with a halo effect, then a spot lamp, once again with a halo.
Hope this help.


i put a lamp behind the lens to simulate an internal light source
i tried the halo but not working as it should - the halo is larger than the lens
and the lens disapered under the halo!
the lamp does not seems to hae it’;s light through the lens


Well, here’s my blend file, sorry it’s on rapidshare… There is a sphere object (called glass), it makes the globe looks better in front view but I dont like the shading it gives so you may want to move it to a different plane and test the render.
if it works for you great, if not, sorry but good luck.

Do you have alpha on the lens material?
Is this a similar question re - halo?

it tried to download file from darkday but out of date i guess so did not work -

see new pic of what i tried - i put a back dome behind an ordinary lamp to simulate more light out of the lens but did not do anything with Ztranps or nirror trrans
you can sse the lamp rright under the green arrow tip - sorry for the bad pic
i’d like to see a little light coming out of it but not certain how to show it - mind you i don’t really want to use volumetric loight but if i have too i’ll use it


What we need is the texture but here’s mine, only changes from default values for the sphere in the texture panels are Halo, Halosize, Add, and Flare. The spot lamp also has Halo. It’s not perfect and there is probably better or other way to do it, but I am not sure what you are going for, it seems to be industrial style press buttons?

Hope this help.


Edit: the render dont look like much but it’s a real simple scene, 4 objects…


it’s an MCC motor control center if you know what it is!

i need a minimum of light - i tried with halo but i could not make the halo small enough whithout loosing the ring around the lens - bnut i’m going to experiment more
and see what i can come up with

I dont know, I am no Blender expert, but I have worked (summer job, a long long time ago) in a paper mill who had those big electrical engine that were started and stopped by buttons similar to that. They are not very bright as they are made of very tick plastic (the users and the environment are not nice to them, I have used my fist as often as my fingers to press them). So you will need little light and big refractions. I am stumped, but good luck with it!


There are several models - filament lamps for older model newest might use LED Lamp
but the lens is usualy more or less transparent and not much light coming through

but still there must be a way to ge something resembling a little bit this type of fixture

anyway i’ll try several test and be back in a few weeks
meanwhile i’v got other things to model for this MCC that i have to complete
if i want tog et something realistic compared to the real thing