Lamp for a Friend

A friend is building his own lamps and asked me if I could make a simple website with some rendered images.

I had several shots taken and as always, I liked the first one best:

What do you think?


FWIW, I like #2 the best – for one, it shows the lamp better than the lighter backgrounds, for another, the lamp is clearly the centre also from a height perspective, nothing else competes for attention.

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I clearly like the dark backgrounds better because they more-clearly illustrate the Almighty Product. The last shot’s lighting is pretty good, but I would change the color of the backdrop.

To me, the key point that you need to achieve in all of the shots is both “clean separation,” and “subtle focus.” For instance, the product can either disappear-into the background (shot #1), or appear quite drab and uninteresting (last one).

Of course you did not yet provide a photograph(!) of how this object actually looks when illuminated, because I think that surface texture is going to be very important in making this Almighty Product look interesting. (Only the final shot even suggests this, although in this shot it does not appear at all to glow.)


The subtile focus comes from the lighting/glow of the lamp itself. The lamp is dimmable it depends on the level of light you choose.

Here are some pics

I don’t like the second image because the lamp takes up less space and everything is too high because the shelf needs to be higher. It just puts the things on the shelf out of focus, but that’s just my opinion.

I see what you mean. And you don’t have to explain yourself to me – it’s basically your lamp-making friend who has to decide what he likes best, I imagine. :wink:

But just as a technical matter, your problems with #2 could easily be solved by changing the shelf to get rid of the brackets, so it’s less high. I like the shelf better without them.