Lamp Halos shining Outside of Lamps

I have a Halo on a lamp. The issue is the imprecision regarding its direction. The most realistic thing to do would be to have the Halo go out in all 360-degrees and then have it appropriately blocked by the lampshade.

This is obviously not how it works, and that’s fine. However, my problem is that when I spread my Halo out so that it’s very wide, it shines OUTSIDE of the lampshade Object that is containing the lamp!

Obviously, the solution to this is just to set the Halo’s size very precisely. However, the problem there is that it’s limited: you then can’t really animate the light moving around (unless you’re going to constantly keyframe the Halo).

I’m not trying to complain, I guess I’m just trying to verify this limit on the Halo (it is not blocked by opaque Materials, correct?) and seeing if there are any other viable work-arounds or, hopefully, even a technically accurate solution.

post the blend file

You can parent a light to an armature but you can vertex parent the light to the object

No, no, no.

I’m just talking only about the Halo. The goal would be to be able to simply place a lamp inside a lampshade (or, for instance, a spotlight casing), turn the Halo on, and then have the Halo look good. Currently, the Halo would protrude through the lampshade.

hi, it seems the fix for this is to use buffer shadows to keep the halo within the lamp shade.

here’s the .blend file as an example.


lampshade1.blend (493 KB)

Hey, MetaAndrocto.

I was kind of dubious about this because I had already been using Buffer Shadows when I first dealt with the problem. So it’s not surprising, then, that when I just spread the Spotlight out (here, to 135-degrees), it shines right through the lampshade, as though it’s not even there.

You see what I mean?

in that case just use the auto clip start button as you’ve gone beyond the clipping boundry.