Lamp IPO driver

I want to make an IPO driver associated with a curve I set for the energy of a lamp. It’s not working. A bone from an armature is driving the IPO, but when I deform the bone, nothing happens. You can do this right?

Nothing in the blenderwiki has helped

Sadly, blender doesn’t seem to let you use drivers for lamp IPOs. After experimentation, it appears to only work for things like object IPOs and shapekeys. WTF?! It would seem to me that this feature would be way more powerful if you could use it on any IPO type. Also doesn’t make sense to me why that’s not possible. I could atleast not be teased with this option in the IPO curve editor for lamps >_<

I pray that someone can tell me I’m wrong. But, sadly this seems to be the case. This will make for the first time blender has let me down :frowning:

I suppose my only option now is to animate all 20 lamps individually every time I need to alter the attenuation. How lame…

You’re wrong. Are you feeling better now? :wink:

Seriously, works as described (and expected).

Can this somehow be added to the wish list for a next release? I’m not a programmer, but I wouldn’t think something like this to be hard to do since it already works for other IPO types.

Well yes I feel better… only problem… why won’t it work for me? Object IPOs for a lamp work fine. But the moment I do the same operations for an energy curve nothing happens… here… I’ll post a blend that has the problem in it, maybe you can fix it for me.

here’s the .blend

As you can see there’s a bone and a lamp in the file. The bone is set to drive 2 IPO curves: one for the Zloc (object IPO) and one for the energy (lamp IPO). They are driven by the bone’s xRotation. As you can see, the object IPO driver works perfectly as intended. However the lamp IPO driver fails to adjust the energy value.

What’s wrong here?

Nothing. Only the display of the energy value is not updated in real time. Make an animation for the bone.

(Just in case, though you probably know that stuff)

  1. Select the bone. I->Rot.
  2. Change to frame 11.
  3. Rotate along x-axis 90 Degrees.
  4. I->Rot.
  5. Select the lamp.
    Change to frame one, move the mouse over the buttons window and press Alt-A.

Awesome! Shoulda guessed that it just wasn’t updating there. It fooled me. Thnx for your help, I’ve spent way too long now trying to fix something that already worked!