lamp problem

Hello guys, i am trying to light an interior room and make a light bulb to cast shadows, so i put a light (lamp) with ray tracing shadows inside of lamp bulb and make the material of the bulb translucency and activate the ray mirror and the ray transp with glass value, but the lamp only glow itself, the is not casting light and shadows outside of the bulb. How i can adjust the lamp or material to recreate a conventional lamp? If i disable the ray shadows of the lamp the ambient will be illuminate nicely but without shadows. With the ray shadow option ON, the bulb is retain all the light and shadows.
I appreciate the help. Thanks.

Turn on “TraShadow” for the materials the lamp is supposed to be lighting (ie: those outside the bulb). Or place a second ray-traced lamp just below and outside the bulb.

sck5000, the transp shadow option not work, the problem is the bulb is blocking all the light and shadows inside of it and i want to illuminate all the ambient. The second option that you gave me is a option but i wanna figure out how i can work with just the lamp inside of the bulb and the material configuration, without ‘cheats’ in this case. Thanks.

Are you sure you’re enabling “TraShadow” in the right materials? Ie: Not the light bulb, but the ones outside it? Post the blend?

sck5000, i cant paste the blend file because is a little big, but the problem is that, the light cannot travel through the light bulb, so, cant illuminate the room. If i disable the ray shadows, it work, with ray shadows dont… The translucency not worked, it only glows the bulb and because the light cannot travel through the bulb, the trans shadows option is irrelevant.

Do you have the “alpha” value on your lightbulb material set correctly, and Ray Transperancy turned on? If it doesn’t work, maybe remove some of the objects from your scene, just leave one where it shows the problem, to make the blend smaller and try to post it.

upload the file pls

try to reduce below 1 MB

remove all things unecessary insdie the file then compress it and save it

difficult to see all teh vars - easier if we have a file to show what vars needs to be set

happy 2.5

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