Lamp Scene W.I.P.

Hi everyone!

I’ve been modeling for about a year and this will be the first time i’ve ever posted on a 3d related forum.


here is a simple scene with a lamp and a gameboy. i used blender for modeling and yafray for rendering.

Sorry if its hard to see. I’ll do a closer render with a white backround when i get the time.:slight_smile:

let me know what you think!:smiley:

pretty nice scene. you should put some textures on the models and finish it up.

Hi frig!

Thanks for your reply!

You sound like you know how to texure.

I cant texture very well. I also can’t seem get my head around unwrapping hard surface objects.

Do you know of any good training resources I
could use to learn how to make better textures?

I think procedurals will do for this one:)