lamp shade

Odd things happen with blender!
so whats new!
i am trying to mage a table lamp where some of the light comes thru the shade.
i made it glass like with a little alpha.
depending on the diameter of the shade the light comes thru.
but not all of it.
yes i will put halo lights on afterward.
theese two shades and lamps are the same (shift d)
only the botom dia of the right one is bigger.


There is a lamp inside the shade, casting the circle of light on the ground plane. The glowing lampshade is done using tralu (translucent) setting on the lampshade material, set to around 0.8. The dim light cast outside the circle of light on the ground plane and the back walls is faked with a hemi light, set to around 0.300 intensity, angled toward the corner.

yep thats it?
can you send a blend file?
thanks for your help

Really, it’s not that complicated. The only material setting is the tralu setting

shown in the shader panel of the lampshade material panels. The only other “trick” is to point the hemi lamp in roughly the same direction as the camera, so any shadows are hidden behind the object casting them.

why a hemi lamp?
thanks for your help

As PR pointed out in another thread, hemis don’t cast shadows, so you can pretty much ignore my advice on which direction to point the hemi. PR recommended 4 hemi lamps, widely separated, all pointing at the middle of the scene, all turned down to intensity 0.150 to 0.200, to give an overall dim light to the surrounding scenery.

(I decided on a hemi lamp because it is wide angle and thought I was being pretty slick hiding the cast shadow so cleverly. :o )

Thanks very much