Lamp test

blender 2.64a

I’m currently working on a lamp and I was curious if anybody could provide some advice on how to set up the lighting for this scene. I’ve set up 3 emission planes and they seem to work fine. The problem is that they are obvious. Meaning that the sphere’s act like mirrors and make it apparent that the scene is lit up by three planes. Is there a way of making this less obvious?

Thank you

Regardless of the lighting any feedback would be appreciated.

Looks cool. First thing I notice is the background. On closer inspection, it looks like a curved backdrop, but on first glance it looks compressed; as if the scene camera was very zoomed in.

  • If it’s curved, maybe don’t use tiles, as tiles don’t usually curve
  • perhaps try having it flat, but getting darked off into the distance.

I’ve only played around with cycles, but to get those planes less obvious you might apply an image texture to them, or possibly rig up a quick window frame with cross bars to put accross so the relfections look like real windows.

Thank you Senornz,

You are right it is a curved background and I did use tiles. I will try out flat with no tiles to see how it works.

Hey man. Nice materials too. Congratz.
I think you can use your planes to light the scene but hide them from the camera. And use an HDR map as enviroment to have it reflexed in the objects.

Thanks…the material on the lamp took me a while to figure out. Thanks for the tips on how to hide the plane lights.

I’m trying to branch out a bit so here’s my bit at a spaceship.