lamp type with script ?

is it possible to define a new lamp type with a script
or only way is to modify the c code of blender ?

happy bl

lamp types are about rendering, so C only

don’t know
but would you be interested to make a new lamp type , ies for cycles if possible?

this has been ask many times in last 3 years
would be a great addition for architectural modelling

I know there is an addon for it but a little cumbersome to use !

just did some testing and it works but
many other rendered like yafaray Lux ect already have this type of lamp
only blender does not really have this type of lamp yet!


you should ask DingTo for that

not easy to talk to him!

I was able only ounce with luck on IRC!LOL

this is probably on the list of things to do for cycles
but with Breat out don’t think it will be given any priority before 2020!


Lights are just shaders in Renderman terminology. So you could create your own if you use a renderman compliant render engine. Such as Pixie, 3Delight or Renderman itself (free for non-commercial use after Siggraph 2014).

I can get something using the script addon
but it is not as if it was internal to bl and quicker to select add render an done!
or simply use yafaray!

it is one of these thing that has to come soon I hope
this was requested many times before!