my latest work
modeling and uv and bumpmaped in blender rendered with yafray method full quality low render time 4min 8sec
cracks added in PS as post process
C&C welcome


well done! i only have one crit for this, the match on the matchbox is floating. Move the match more on the box, making it more realistic. nice work :slight_smile:

modeling is good. as you’ve noted you are using low quality settings, and thus there are GI artifacts.

just a minor detail: the thickness of the paint when you look at the chipped area on the base of the lamp is too great. i would also suggest cropping the image.

@arcticsnpr thanks im glad to know someone likes it. when i checked the match was on the ground but the lighting and camera angle made it seem that way i had to change the position.

@TroutMask thanks i did some changes it should look a bit better now

thanks to all for viewing


if its not too much id really like some more feedback on this

The model and staging looks nice. There are some things that could make the items look more convincingly realistic. Mostly little things:

The matchbox could use a little more detail. Most boxes will have the little friction strip (the strip you use to light the match - i have no idea what it’s really called) on the side, so that’s kinda bugging me. Something else about that is how all of the matches are stacked perfectly in the box, which i know from experience never happens.

Aside from that i’d say this needs a bit more little scratches and fingerprints and stuff to really be ultra realistic, but it all depends on how far you want to go on this project. The paint on the lamp is really shiney for it to have a chip in it. I would expect it to be a bit more worn, and not quite so glossy all over.

The chip does look much better in this version than it did previously tho, and the match leaning against the box reads easilly.

thanks squiggly_p really hell full response i see i was not looking hard enough
i do plan to go deeper with this maybe not to repost since im not in the wip thread. maybe ill have to try and create a decent texture with would take me some time

try experimenting with moving the camera farther away and then use the lens value to zoom back in. the perspective is a bit too extreme on the lamp itself, and moving the camera away would help with that.

@troutmask thanks as u said it will take some experimenting but i tried it and it looked a lot better than before

Suggest adding filaments with emit to make the lamp lighted up. This should add some interesting lighting to the scene. Also, if you’re feeling ambitious, place it on an old weathered picnic table or some such scene…