This is my first post on this site. And this is also my first real personal work on Blender :smiley:
this is concept-art from a friend and I wanted to do it in 3D for me.
PS: I used MakeHuman to generate a basic character rigged and skinned. (openSource power)
I will soon begin sculpting and texturing.

I await your return :wink:



cool model. welcome to BA forums.

Yep, cool concept and cool model. I’m curious to see it textured.

Cool start! I will say this, I like in the drawing the shape of the the bulb is slightly warped. I don’t know if you were planning to add it anyway, but it added some sort of organic feel that the bulb in the rendering lacks. Just an idea.

Looks promising, but IMO you should remove the bulge in his belly area… looks a little strange to me! Keep it up


thank you for your post :slight_smile:

I changed the pose. What do you think?

Compositing and ambience test. this is not the final rendering ^^

I agree. Part of what makes the concept really cool is that the balloon and bulb are so similar. By having a more realistic bulb it gets rid of that dynamic.

It’s looking really nice, but I think the stone textures are maybe too harsh for this image?

this is a good idea but it’s not my intention. I wish to make this work a photorealistic way, while keeping the side surrealism.
For the wall texture… this is normal. ^^ just a test

ok, here are the final modeling