Hi. Im doing a model of a laptop ( I was wondering how I could make the little green diodes (the little “lamps” which lights if caps lock or num lock etc is on) to look realistic. I have tryed to set the emit of the diode-mesh to full, but it dosn’t look at all like there is coming light from the mesh. I have also tryed to put lamps (sun, spot, area, hemi, lamp) just behind the mesh, and give the mesh a low alpha-value, but all that it does is making the hole laptop lighter.

Please, someone help me. I have tryed to search on google and read a lot of lightning tutorials, but I cant find out how to make a lamp/diode-looking mesh? :confused:

I don’t know, but are you doing an animation, a 2D image or a static 3D scene? If you’re doing an IPO animation, you can have the color of an object change over time.

If you’re doing a static object, then why can’t you just use a bright green (or red, etc.) material for an LED?

Modeling a diode should be very straight forward. They are often just little cylindrical shaped objects, and on many key boards just look like circles, since they are inset into the keyboard. Or, maybe you’re going for a higher level of realism and I’m being too simple?

Your notebook computer looks very nice, btw.

Have you tried using the spherical light intesinty adjuster? If not, just add a lamp, go to lamp settings and hit the SPHERE button. Now, in order to adjust the distance the lamp will effect cranck the DIST slider up or down, depending on the area you want to illuminate. The radius is shown as a crack lined sphere around the light.

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

What you sayed Hippie, works very well for me :D. I just set a lamp to sphere and its color to bright green, and place it inside the diode, which alpha-setting is quite low. And i enable ztrans. Then it lookes like a diode as i wonted :smiley:

Thales, I am doing a 3D-object, and im pretty sure I will make a little animation out of it in the end. The reason it dosn’t work just to set the material to bright green or red, is that then the hole mesh just become that one color. With the other method, the mesh becomes more and more bright as closer it is to the lamp in the center, and it gives that effect that it lookes like the light is comming from the mesh.

Once again, thank you both for the answers :slight_smile: