lamps in a ring

isn’t there a way to put lamps round a circle?
I vaguly remember someone put them automatically along a line, or path.
one lamp looks wrong coming from a lantern so i need a wider starting point.


Take a look at this thread - in it you will find a link to a blend file that shows what you are looking for. In a nutshell, you parent a light to a mesh, then turn on either dupliverts, duplifaces or both.

the link leads to file not found.
Where are the dupliverts now?
found them under animation.
This lamp is much better.


My apologies - I will re-upload and correct the link tonight when I return from work.

Dupliverts / Duplifaces will duplicate the child object at each Vertex / Face

This link should work

downloaded fine.
in the render all i see is a cube.
what am i missing?


You are not missing anything! I on the other hand appear to have completely misunderstood your question. When you mentioned "Lamps in a Ring, I was thinking of a method of parenting a lamp (light source) to a mesh and using duplifaces to produce soft shadows. I apologize for the misunderstanding.:o

You can always just take your original lamp and move, say 100 units away from the center, then make its center the 0,0,0 of the 3D cursor. Then duplicate the lamp and rotate. They will all rotate around the center point.

Or you could simply create a circle path and use a path constraint to attach the lamp to the circle. Then all you have to do is animate the circle and all lamps will follow.

You could also do the parenting technique OBI_Ron mentions.

Oh yeah, there is the array modifier. Try that out as well.