LAMZA - Sketchbook

Hello Everyone.
I just a beginner in Blender and happy to join the Blender family.
When I have free time that i will keep to post sketchbook.

Frist post to show off my sculpting~!
Please feel free to give your comments and suggestions on what you think of my sketchbook to me ^^


*i am come from Hong Kong , please forgive my poor english.


Nice Mech design, and welcome :slight_smile: I reallly like the overall silhouette and form of the model, tho some parts in the inside dont seem to fit together welll. For example, the panels in the front are really flat and sharp, whereas the panels on the lower protrude more and look more round. So you might redesign the front and keep the neck. Currently all the attention is drawn to the circular joint on the side of the neck since theres no focus point in the front, just smooth paneling. Inserting a hole for a camera or something like that there would give this a more interesting shape.
This is a vid I found recently, its just a preview for a commercial workshop for mech design, but the shown chapter is really good in terms of design I think.
Your work looks very promising, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone.
This is my second robot head sculpting model.
But i have some question to ask.

I need to texture painting this model,
how to unwrap a high-resolution sculpting model?
Have any way to do it?



You’ll need to retopologize it!

Hello LAMZA, that is a really nice mecha head you have sculpted
in order to texture you have to first Retopology your sculpted model and then UV and Then you can texture it.
Looking forward to seeing the finished product.:slight_smile:

Post number 3 is a really cool design!