LAN connection template?


I am making a two player FPS game and want to play over a LAN connection. I have no experience with codes except adding ones for freelook etc. I was wondering if someone has a template I could use That is just the LAN connection. I will add all my own game in. Or if anyone knows of a simple tutorial about it could you lead me to it.

I know that it is very difficult to make a game with connections but I am willing to try.( i just need that template.):yes:

search for the Bzoo one here in the forum!

Yes, I had a look at the bzoo and it sounds great, but when i open it, it is just a blank blue screen and the menus dont come up to select avatar etc. If you know how to get it working or have an idea then it would be much appeciated.

After I finish my multiplayer game I will be setting up a template for multiplayer games

cool. I look forward to checking it out:eyebrowlift:

Have you tryed WSAG?

No. I will check it out. it looks good

hey, could you post the wasg file or a link to the site. all the links ive found have been dead.

Yes I see , all links are dead and the site is down. I have a old tutorial for WSAG at home I will upload it tonight.

cool. thanks

I can’t find the tutoral on my PC . Try sending an email to oldjim , i am sure he will send you the latest version of the tutorial. You can find his email adress here

K. Thanks:D