LAN play

ok dont know any python or any programing langauge for that matter, but i was wondering if someone could make/give me a .blend with the lan play stuff already made so i can integrate my own maps and just make a 2 player FPS that u play aginst each other no campain mode, is anyone willing to do this, BTW im on windows Xp

Im not aware of any prebuilt .blend templates for a networked session, but you can start here.

PS: I know it’s none of my bussiness to question how you do things, but I would strongly suggest learning python and some of the GameLogic API, because 9 times out of 10 the things you need won’t be all prebuilt and set for you, you will have to script things yourself.

Also, I would suggest sticking to one project at a time. That whole 3 projects at once shag is not as productive as it might seem.

ya thanks i know i should learn python and plan to this summer and two of the three arn’t huge progects and i do realize its no efficent its just easier for me i don’t know why