LAN problems

I have been having with one of my computer’s LAN port…

Everything is recieved extremely slowly, but uploaded quickly.

It’s very old…it’s called “Kingston EtheRx KNE120 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter”.

Should I just dust it off and get new drivers or what?

I’m not going to tell you how to fix it, or to buy a new card just yet.

But a little birdy told me: “Cheap cheap cheap”

You don’t understand - it used to work just fine.

when you say “Everything is recieved extremely slowly” do you mean from on-line or just over the network in general?

could you post a discription of your network setup?

try the ‘ping’ command to check reliability of your connection

replace cables

  • use linux ^___^


try once to find matching drivers. most times default installations have crap drivers. also if you can try the card out in another pc. if it is the same: scrap the card, if not, scrap your windows installation ^_^. in that case your settings might be off. if you are not a registry junky try looking for some maintanance tool (good i’ve no idea how they are called) out there. most of them do a good job at fixing things.

scan for spyware. I bet my laptop

NOTE: this was just a joke and noone will ever gonna win my laptop :wink: