Lance Wins Number 6

YEEHAW! :smiley:

“Armstrong rode into history Sunday, winning a record sixth Tour de France and cementing his place as one of the greatest athletes of all time.”

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i could only wish i was as good at something as him.

Well, you could train for several hours every day for years on end. :smiley: Nobody gets to be that good without years of dedicated training.


exacltly, but im only 16, its impossible for me to have put in many years… lol

skelator sorry but you are too old.

you need to be a pro by 7 years old if you want to compeat in any event at top levels.

they already have 3 year old children training to become weight lifters and most of them are averaging clean and jerk lifts of 100Lbs

Alltakeni am totally fucking with you you do realise

This guy is incredible. He got testicular cancer very young which spread to his brain and lungs. He had to have chemotherapy and brain sugery to remove the tumors. He then comes back to set a world record 6 consecutive wins in the tour de france. wow.

I sure wouldn’t want to have race with him :slight_smile: But yea the guys amazing.

id love to meet him. alltaken, ya, i kno, i was one of them. so now i average 700#s.

i too, am messing with u. :smiley:

although he must be a good rider to win the tour that many times, I find it a bit annoying that someone is the #1 for so long. A bit like schumacher in F1…

Not that I watch cycling, it’s one of the most boring sports to watch imho


BTW not to try and insult this cycling guy.

but any competitive cyclist is on drugs.

its basicly a sport in which you cannot be that competitive without being on some kind of performance enhancment. whether it be higher blood count levels or testosterone, or other forms of enhancement.

its pretty true with most sports in our lifetime. i would say that its not whether you are on drugs or not, its whether you get caught or not that determines what the public thinks of you.

but still even with drugs you gotta train so hard that i respect every one of these people based on their effort and dedication to the sports.

i say “let them do the drugs” and make it so that anyone can do any drug for sport they wish. winner wins :stuck_out_tongue:


imho, it depends on where u draw the line for the word “Drug”.

i agree, it is pretty boring, ive never actually watched it either, but its still amazing to me.

You know, they are tested for drug use, unless you’re referring to growth hormones, which I think may be allowed. Those only let your muscles get bigger if you are constantly working though.

i used to love to watch lance armstrong, i would wake up every morning and watch the tour de france. After lance armstrong left his wife and young children and has shacked up with sheryl crow i have totally lost any interest in watching him win. Not to say he is not an amazing athelete. Watching him ride up the mountains is one of the most incredible things…

Eh. Lance rocks. He isn’t the most personable guy ever, but he sure can ride.

cycling is boreing (i cant even spell it cause its boring) now bmx’ing rules :P.