Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo

Hi, I’m working on this (amazing) Lancia race car. My goal is to realize a “dirt live race scene”. Any advices, particularly on topology are welcome !

My workflow is:

  • working on blueprints with bezier curve, area by area
  • duplicate it and then convert it into a mesh, subdivide it many times
  • add a new object, a plane, and use snap tools to work on my cage and adjust my mesh as best as possible
  • come back to my bezier curve cage and work on a new part of the car

I have to main difficulties:

  • keep smooth surfaces with vertices which are “in the middle” of my surfaces
  • separation and transition between the different pieces.

(car paint come from the thread "car paint materials : Iridescent Layers / Carbon Fiber / Leather ;)).

here is the current status of my WIP. I worked on front headlights, grills and the hood.

I need advices on topology for the front bumper. You can see it a bit on the image above but it will be clearer on this screenshot :

I don’t find a solution to avoid those strange effects around the holes. Here is my mesh :

How can I rework this area to improve the result?