Land Stalker

Finally finished building my first 3D model. Admittidly it’s really bad compared to the other work here, but i was wondering if people could give me their opinions?

It contains 13,038 Vertices and 14,269 faces(admittedly not all used effectively).

I was also wondering if anyone had a tutorial on how to create textures from scratch?

The model is fine, although the “long” legs while probably efficient seem a bit too thin to the eye. I think that you are going for a mechwarrior type of design. My advise is for you to make this a bit thicker, or you will have to use strong colour to give the illusion that it is thick.

Regarding textures from scratch - tutorials of that nature sadly I have none or point you in the direction, but you may wish to download GIMP, and then there are plenty of “free” brushes you can either download, or that come supplied for your editing needs. The rust texture is easy, you can use splatter, or blood splatter to come with some good effects.

I was going to make the legs thicker but wanted this to be more of a scout. Will need to make a Heavy battle version later though.

What tools would you recommend cause in see a lot of them but not sure which ones are useful