Landing | Eevee cinematic footage

Cinematic footage made in Blender 2.8 and rendered with Eevee. sound :loud_sound:on

I was planning to do a still image with Cycles, but thanks to the Eevee render engine I decided to make a short cinematic footage.
And now #Graswald addon supports wind animations :slight_smile: You can see some stills here:

Thanks for watching !


Looks good, liking the swaying grass.
I tried a little bit of animation in Eevee, it sure is quick.

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This is amazing! How long did it take? Very cinematic. Only thing I would say is that the grass blades look a little too in sync with each other. Maybe try some variation in wind direction and velocity/strength.

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Thanks! It take a few seconds per frame :slight_smile: Donโ€™t remember total time but less than an hour.
Yeah! For sure is something to improve. I had displacement also on terrain but doesnโ€™t work with Eevee :frowning: