Landing gear rig help


I’ve made a simple example rig of some landing gear on a spaceship. I’ve made it so the suspension can be animated but I was wondering how to make it so that if it doesn’t land with all legs at the same time, the feet can be somehow made to tipy-toe with inverse kinematics??

I’ve added the blend file and a picture of what I am trying to achieve. Any help would be appreciated.

Here’s the file

landing_gear_help.blend (579 KB)

You need to rethink the parenting a bit. The root should be at the floor and the targets for the feet should be parented to that root. The main body bone should also be parented to the root.

It’s really no different than setting up a hip and IK leg rig. In this case, the “legs” do not bend but act as a piston. The only difference is the length of the piston needs to be restricted. This could be done with a stretch to constraint on a single bone that starts at the main body and extends to the “feet”. The stretch bone will also need a limit scale constraint (y scale axis of the stretching bone) to prevent it from stretching too far.

Good luck!

Trying to visualize what your saying but having trouble. I can get the feet to level with the ground i think but maybe what im after can only be done with direct manipulation?

If you imagine the ship coming in to land, landing gear extended. The feet wouldn’t normally be parallel with the ground, they would be slightly at an angle. The idea was to have it so that the back of the foot would touch the floor first, thrn the rest sort of settle down into place. All with inverse kinematics.

It could be a simple solution but im stumped.

Actually i think i know now what you mean with the hip and leg example. Kind of