Landing Gear Rig IK ~ Problem Getting Target To Parent To An Object

hoping someone can point out what i assume is a noob error/ignorance.

I’ve got a plane’s landing gear rigged up and set up a simple armature to animate part of the mechanical linkage:

the problem is that when i retract the gear, the first joint of the IK isn’t flexing:

cut down blend:


Hey, The part that is suppose to be moving is still part of the landing gear strut - it needs separated to its own object then parented to that bone. But your whole set-up is a bit flawed, you have back to back IKs which is no good , not sure why your using a mix of emptys and an armature or using a ‘plane’ object to control it.
I can help you if I know what kind of plane it is - so I can see how the gear is suppose to work.

I seem to have improved my IK, following a youtube tube in that I’ve extruded an extra bone, unparented it and used that as the Target, however I can’t get the target to parent to the wheel strut (or an empty parented to the strut), how do I do that?

Hey, It is the other way , you parent parts to bones - not the opposite way. What you really should do is un-parent the wheel strut from that main empty, replace that empty with a bone - parent the wheel strut to the new bone then parent your IK_target bone to it. I’m not so sure using an IK is the best solution though, as I said I could help you if I knew what type of plane your working on, as it is now - you have parts intersecting each other, which is un-realistic. Here is a screen shot though just in case you want to try (One other thing - change your rotation mode to ‘XYZ’ - no need to use Quaternions)

If i parentthe target bone to the new bone it assigns that parenting to the whole chain and the whole armature moves w/ the strut. the pieces are only intersecting due to the failing IK. Plane is a P61.

Hey, the black widow is a great subject.
I think your trying to parent stuff in ‘Object’ mode - bones in the same armature get parented in ‘Edit’ mode, you parent parts to bones in ‘Pose’ mode

i’ve redoneit using that method, but the end link of the chain, nearest the strut, is still not bending. i’m expecting/wanting it to straighten out as the wheel retracts then get pulled up, how do i get ti to do that?


Not sure which your referring to, the piece I made red ??

yes. that’s what I can’t get it to do

You have to seperate that part from the Landing gear mesh - in EDIT mode select just that parts verts/faces and hit ‘P’ > selected, it will become its own object > ne=name it, then parent it to the correct bone.

nope, doesn’t make the IK straighten like in your pic.

Oh, your talking about the bone, I do not have an IK on that part, I have not found any videos of the gear action or any real good pics to decifer the movement. If you have any that would be helpful

got it working :slight_smile:

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