landing -- test-character-animation

I animated a landing as an exercise. (300kb)
I hope you guys like it. :slight_smile:


DUDE! Nice job there!

The auxillary movements are great, (i.e. arms, hands, etc. after and during the landing).

No crits, just look great!


35views and ONE reply? C’mon, is it really that bad?

thank you very much :slight_smile:

cya henrik

I think I am on the other side…

my opinion is more inbetween frames,
looks to swift and stiff for me, but that’s my 2 cents and taste…

other than that, looks great,
but I do like more your “Avatar” dude :smiley:

it seems much too floppy. It also occurs so fast I can’t really see what’s going on…but I guess jumping tends to be fast…

Pretty cool! :slight_smile:
The actual landing is a bit weird, really fast, sloppy and not very natural feeling. But the execution of the run/dash is very well done!

Keep it up, lets see more! :smiley:



thanks for the crit guys, though i wont work on this one anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
I wanted this cartoony feeling, I didnt want to have the most realistic one.
I had it in a more realistic style before, but i thought cartoon would be funnier :wink:


he falls from quite high, and still, doesnt “bounch” much on the landing… that is something I missed… also… there should be more frames, of motion blur, or something… now it’s quite hard to see what he does.

the running part is great.