Landmap generator for linux

Does anyone know of a good landmap generator for linux. Something like Terragen or World Builder?

I am having problems installing Terraform.

yes, its called The Gimp gg

filter/render/nature/clouds OR

then just select how rough the “landscape” should be (more noise = more roughness) and then grayscale the image. you can adjust the “height” of the landscape with changing the brightness/contrast (dark is low, bright is high)

i hope i could be of any help :slight_smile:

ps: hey, this is my first post hehe.

I think he means a controllable one, where can say I want mountains, etc…

precisely. . . . I need to be able to control placement of mountains and height of moutains. I would prefer a software that is specifically engineered to make landmaps, if possible.

Hmm, I think terragen 2 has linux support planned, but that is in the future and it seems like you need this now. seems interesting, you should be able to cut it into sections to get what you need. This also looks interesting, not sure of the level of control: Here is another: What you really need though is world machine, unfortunatley it’s windows only :frowning: