Landrover Discovery


I am new at elysiun, but i use Blender since June 2005. It`s a very cool prog.

In this thread i want to show you my new Project: a Landrover Discovery.

here is my current wip-picture- please: give me some tips- because it`s my first carmodel.

another Wip- 1st rendered with the internal Renderer, and the 2nd Pic with HDRI and YafRay:


Great looking mesh.
By the look of the mesh I believe you don’t need any tips :slight_smile:
Just post your questions when you encounter a problem. We will be glad to help you.

oh thanks cipix- at the moment i don`t have any problems or questions…but they will come!
Today i work on the glas…and tomorrow: the rims.

blender on…

great work sk|revoltic

Terrific looking model there. Almost flawless.

And if I may say so, great choice of vehicle. Normally you see Skylines, RX-8’s and the odd Freelander, but to see a Discovery being done, well that gets bonus points in my book. :smiley:

Any chance of some wireframe shots and possibly even the reference pics you’re using, because I quite fancy trying the new Disco as well now I’ve seen how good it can look. :wink:

@PolygoneUK: I am a technical draughtsman and the firm a working with (here in germany) designs the seat adjusters for new Landrover and Jaguar Cars…so i decided to model a Landrover in my sparetime :wink:

here you can find the blueprints:

WARNING: The Topview has the wrong scale!


Well THAT explains everythingggggg :smiley:

Do carry on good sir, I am a big fan of Discoverys and will try my hand at this one. :wink:

yes, i do my very best :smiley:

This evening i will post a update with windshield and the other “carglas” and (when there`s enough time) the rest of the carbody + more loopscuts and a better autosmooth- to get better edges…

stay tuned…


Nice, clean looking modelling. Can we see a wireframe version as well? Im also interested in what way you use auto smooth, i always set everything to smooth and use subsurf with tight edgeloops to get creases.

Keeping going though looks like its going to be really good once finished.

moin moin, skIrevoltic,

waiting for the update… :smiley:
now without blender logo?

I’m so very impressed! I’m blown away by certain member’s skill!

@jackj: thanks…wow- what a comment, very motivating… :wink:

@blenderage: Here is the WiP 5 Mesh- with Catmull-Clark Subsurf on Level 1. I know it`s very highploy- but i want to make high-detailed. I post the Subsurf Details later (Autosmooth and so on)

ok…back to my favorite program…the “landi” is waiting… :slight_smile:

Okay…here`s my next update-> WiP6

well, after many many hours yafray hdri rendering (6h 15min)…here`s my final model (rims&tires are NOT final!)
This week: Landrover Composting …stay tuned!


Very nice work, it shows your talent and long hours. I too am working on HDRI, and have probably spent more than enough time than expected in getting the correct lighting.

I wonder how many people here have ‘potentially great projects’, yet don’t spend enough time, if any, insetting up good lighting.

Very nice bro’. :wink: How did you pull off the reflection?

That looks good. Waiting for updates.

That’s so good, it makes me want to cry with Jealosy coloured happiness.