Landsacpes in less than 5 min

Hi there I made a short tutorial in which I show you how to create Random Landscapes in less than 5 minutes. Hope I can help you. Any crits and comments are welcome - btw it’s my first tutorial :smiley:

I would like to apologize to bib_thebuilder an other here for the post. When I fast click on the link I was highjack to a new site and slam by pop-up. I felt that other did not need to go though the pop-up war.
Again I apologize to all and now I can go there and see the tut. It is a nice one

doesn’t look too scary to me, there’s a great pic of some Blender Cola cans, 5gig free storage (so long as you don’t mind it being public access)
& a cool tutorial on how to make Landscapes quickly using Blender internal functions.
Nice one bib.

The tutorial works fine.
I read a similar tutorial that scaled the plane while it was still in edit mode. Your tutorial scales while in object mode. I tried it both ways and the mapping seems to work either way, so I guess it does not matter that much.

Terrain modeling has always been my specialty in Blender, except my terrains are all small Zelda-like areas, I just can’t make big open plains because they need more polys.

What about that??? That’s not very nice :frowning:

Thought e-snips is a proper side to upload things!?

btw - thanks guys ^^

Nice tutorial. Thanks a lot.
Things like this really help a noob like me :wink:

well they don’t have to have “that” much polys if you place rocks or Walls at the right position to hide the edges :yes: