Landscape Animation

Some info:
There are over half a million trees in the scene. Rendered in Cycles, ~50sec per frame on a Titan Black. Conpositing in After Effects.

Hope you enjoy!

Wow that’s impressive!

r u going to make a tutorial on this? Its very very good!

I love that river area!

I might, if enough people ask for it. Thank you!

Nicely done. The fast pullback looks cool, but in someways it would be nice to see a slower version so you can take in your environment with close look at some of the detail.

You might want to consider adding a still image in your first post, so that a thumbnail preview will show up.

Thanks! I might try that in the future

Are these trees flat images with transparency or are we seeing actual geometry? Either way looks good from this camera perspective but flat planes wont hold up if the camera swoops down into the forest…although some heavy motion blur might help;) Nice job man

Thank you!
These are flat planes on a particle system… 4 different tree images in all.

Wow, very cool. I like the dramatic and fast pull back, I think it helps to compound the idea that there are a LOT of trees here. Hope to see more, erel96!